Interaction Design & Motion

UX Design, Interaction Design & Motion

During these years as product and user experience designer I had to apply interaction and motion design knowledge to make presentations to clients and to explain the concept to the development team. The concern about optimizing spaces when the user is in a purchase process is a very important point to improve usability, the user experience, the space above the the fold and the interaction areas.


I did this personal exercise by redesigning the Milka website thinking about reimagining the experience of discovering the brand’s chocolate bar section.


In this exercise I put focus on the interaction and visual enhancement of the product and interactive elements.


During my time at Vodafone Spain, I have had to take into account in the designs made the optimization of spaces and how the users interact with the different elements so that when it is in motion it is legible and the experience in movement makes sense


In the first design we can see the user scrolling and hiding the main element of this list to make way for filters and product categories so that the user gains space and interact better with the devices results.


The second design was made to document the operation of the «switch» and its two options (on and off) for the development team. In this way, users logged in with a business account have the option of seeing prices with or without taxes.